Monday, April 26, 2010


My last pics of Savannah for now.  Just a small sampling of the beautiful architecture. Above is a cathedral downtown,The Cathedral of St.John the Baptist, the oldest Roman Catholic church in GA. You can see all kinds of detailed architecture while roaming the streets. The row houses and old homes downtown are just dreamy. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of any freestanding homes which I consider to be mansions.  Sometimes when engrossed in the moment, I forget to take pictures. Mental note to self-  "take pics of houses" on next trip. Love to walk, or more likely ride,  for hours up and down the streets and city squares looking at all these beauties.
This is Johnny Mercer's great grandfather's house, built in 1860.

And a little bit more of the flowers from a friend's perspective ..
Ok. Now I must return to reality.  Much to do in the upcoming weeks.  When I need a break, I'll reflect on my tranquil photos.  Adding this to the Woo Hoo! Party over at Always Nesting.  Thanks Marla!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bonaventure in Pink

May sound kind of creepy, but Bonaventure is a cemetery in Savannah.  Beautiful live oaks, flowers and monuments abound. The historic cemetery has been around since the 1800's. One of Savannah's most famous people, Johnny Mercer, is buried here.  He's the songwriter who wrote "Moon River" in 1961.  He requested to be buried here before he died in 1976.  
(I "borrowed" these pics from a friend.  She's a great photographer.)  Posting all of this pink to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound, Pink Saturday, Show N Tell over at My Romantic Home,  and Inspiration Friday at Melissa's The Inspired Room
 One of my favorite things about Savannah trees is the moss which hangs from them.  Did you know where the term "Don't let the bed bugs bite" came from?  People used to make mattresses out of the moss until they found out there were critters which bit them at night.

Love the beautiful monuments.  Pure art.

A little bridge over water, so dreamy...

 Nature at best...

How would you like to take your final ride in this?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Not only is this a diversion in my posts, it's a diversion in my life. 

It's official. 

My house has a for sale sign in the front yard now. 

boo hoo  We have to move to SW Georgia so the dr can complete his training.  We'll only be there two years and after that, who knows where we'll land. So I might as well put on my "big girl panties" and roll with the flow. 
We just bought this house a year ago and never dreamed we'd be moving so soon.  But... we have to go where there's a better opportunity for dr and, ultimately our family, as he'll have a better schedule.  
Ugh!  Hate having to stress over keeping the house spotless all the time. Good news is I've already had 2 inquiries with 2 showings.  Pray we can sell quickly in this slow market!

Saturday, I stood at the glass screen door and watched as dr drove the stakes in the ground.  A lot went through my mind in that moment.  All the days I've scoured thrift and Goodwill to find the perfect pieces, the flowers I've planted, sitting on the back porch listening to the crickets or watching the boys play football, having wonderful parties, grill outs and so many more memories.  All in just a short year.  I love my home, no matter where it may be.  And the next house will be my home just as much as this one.

Maybe you think I'm getting nostalgic too quick but I have to get it out of my system now so I can get busy with the job at hand.  I won't look back again until moving day when we pull out.  Then all these thoughts and emotions will come washing over me at once.  I'll cry, maybe for 1 mile, maybe for 10.  Then I'll dry it up and dream of my next place.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

River Street

Another favorite place to go in downtown Savannah is River Street.  Shops and restaurants on one side, water on the other and old brick road in between. Charming.


But, let me tell ya something girlfriend...No trip to Riverstreet is complete without a stop at the Savannah Candy Kitchen.  yum!
When you walk in the door, free samples of pecan pralines are offered.  That will cure your sweet tooth, but will leave you salivating for all things sugary and sweet which are displayed in abundance throughout the shop.  You can watch them make all sorts of candy, including taffy with all the machinery.
One of their specialties are caramel/candied apples of every kind-

Yes, they taste as good as they look.  They also have an ice cream bar with the creamiest ice cream ever.  That's the dr's favorite.  

But my favorite are these-
Those are pecans.  On top are dips of caramel then chocolate. They'll break these off into candy pieces. I can't even compare these to turtles b/c they are far more divine than that. 
I bought some to savor while we strolled by the river but needless to say, devoured them before I got 10 ft from the exit.  

Talking about a kid in a candy store! This makes me go woo hoo! so I'm posting to Woo Hoo Wednesday over at Always Nesting. Thanks for the party Marla!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Savannah, The place I said yes...

Today is my anniversary-  appropriate to take you back to the place where the dr proposed to me many years ago-right in front of the fountain at Forsythe Park.  So romantic!  Took me to dinner at Elizabeth's on 37th St and then for a horse and carriage ride.  We ended up in front of the fountain.  He told me how the fountain represented new beginnings to him which is why he wanted to bring me there for the next chapter in his life.  (When looking at attending PA school in Savannah, the fountain always showed up on all the literature, becoming a symbol of the city/new beginnings to him.)  Then he dropped to one knee and proposed.  Of course, we had a little audience sitting around on benches, etc.  But for me, we were the only ones in the universe. time stood still and my life forever changed.  Without hesitation the answer was YES! ( And I haven't regretted it for one single minute!) He brought out a little box, opened it and it took my breath away.  He slipped the ring on my finger.  Our audience cheered. That's my love story. Thrilled to visit the place last weekend.  Happy Anniversary Babe!

Someone else is finding romance there too...

I even have a painting of this fountain in my house...
 Sweet memories.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Savannah, part 3 Landscape-the azaleas

And here's the real beauty of Savannah.  Downtown is just about my favorite place in the world, well, I haven't been to Paris yet.  

Spring is the best time of the year to visit.  Can you spell a-z-a-l-e-a-s?  They're in abundance!  Every city square, every park, every sidewalk.  
In honor of all the pink ones, I'm posting to How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday!

Lots of weddings taking place in Forsythe Park that day. 
 Aren't the trees magnificent?  2 more posts to come on the beauty of this place!