Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Fall Touches

Here are some more fall touches scattered in The Borrowed House kitchen.  I'm not through with overall decor in this kitchen just yet.  Thinking of window treatments.  I love the shutters but it looks a little plain.  Still debating on which direction to take things.  Maybe some black toile plates over shelf too..

The best part of fall decorating...Bargain Hunting!

Metal pumpkin: Ross on clearance last year.  I need to spray paint it black but just kind of stuck it here to see how it'd look.

 My little black shelf.  I'm constantly tweaking it.  
Silver candlesticks: Pottery Barn from Goodwill $4!  They are $28 ea in PB catalog!
  (oops, the cord came loose from back of shelf)  
Arthur Court Waves Bowl: Gift from one of Dr's friends as a reminder of the Caribbean Sea they swam in on a medical missions trip to Honduras.  For my souvenir, Dr brought me back a huge container of pure vanilla extract from Honduras. (big spender that he is)  The best stuff ever! Totally transformed my dessert dishes.  Wish I could get my hands on some more. 
About the rest... 

  Apothecary filled with pumpkins:  Someone commented they could not find the sugared pumpkins- that would be Wal Mart.

 Clown: Ok, I'm not big into the Halloween decor per say, but this little clown was free at a yard sale last week.  Can't pass up free.  Especially in black and white.

Tray:  How do you like?  Dollar Tree!  That's right.  $1.  Yep, it's cheap but like it, love it.  The colors are so vibrant.  Go get one before they sell out!
                                                                 Happy Fall!