Friday, February 5, 2010

Eye Candy, Red of course!

This is the last color of my color challenge and what else but... red, of course.  Red is not just for Valentine's Day.  It makes a bold statement.  I once read where you should have something red in every room, no matter the color scheme. Some decorator's opinion anyway.  I have a little red in every room but my bedroom.  Being a sleepy head who can't stand anything brighter than an alarm clock in her eyes, I can't imagine waking up to red.  But, these bedrooms are really charming. Definitely a warm cozy feel.  The red foyers look very welcoming. What I'd really love is one of those ovens with the "red knobs!" Enjoy this red house tour!

This post will be the same format as the past color posts, but I'm spreading the post out over several days.  Red is a lot to take in.  (Thanks to all of the contributors of these photos.)  
Posting to Brambleberry Cottage for the fourteen days of love, today's topic is "seeing red."    

Things around the house inside and out...

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