Friday, April 23, 2010

Bonaventure in Pink

May sound kind of creepy, but Bonaventure is a cemetery in Savannah.  Beautiful live oaks, flowers and monuments abound. The historic cemetery has been around since the 1800's. One of Savannah's most famous people, Johnny Mercer, is buried here.  He's the songwriter who wrote "Moon River" in 1961.  He requested to be buried here before he died in 1976.  
(I "borrowed" these pics from a friend.  She's a great photographer.)  Posting all of this pink to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound, Pink Saturday, Show N Tell over at My Romantic Home,  and Inspiration Friday at Melissa's The Inspired Room
 One of my favorite things about Savannah trees is the moss which hangs from them.  Did you know where the term "Don't let the bed bugs bite" came from?  People used to make mattresses out of the moss until they found out there were critters which bit them at night.

Love the beautiful monuments.  Pure art.

A little bridge over water, so dreamy...

 Nature at best...

How would you like to take your final ride in this?