Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Saturday and the winner!

The time has arrived to announce the winner of my 100th follower celebration! 

Here is Prince O doing the honors...

Congratulations to....... 

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove!!!  Diann is the winner of a $25 Target gift card! 

Her blog is really cool!  Go check it out! 

Thanks to all who entered and to all of the new followers!  Now I can work towards my 200 goal. 

I am back from moving the princess.  We were so busy getting her situated that I actually didn't have time to cry.  Then I was too tired to cry on the way home.  I miss her already. But I'm holding up!

The dr has been very nice to me lately.  I guess he knows all of these things like moving, selling the house, finding a new place, princess cutting the apron strings, etc are putting a little wear and tear on my emotions.  So for no reason, he brought these home for me...

This is my lovely Pink Saturday.  

 My flowers may not keep but the dr.? Well he's a keeper!