Monday, December 21, 2009

Master Sweet

Peek a boo.  My reflection is in every picture with the gold ornament. Oh well.. Just love the whimsical feel to this.
Maybe you can stand one more post on my Christmas decor.  This is our master "sweet" with holiday touches.  Hoping to have a tree in here next year.  Proud of my wreath done on the cheap.  Wreath free at a yard sale, tinsel $1.  Ribbon laying around the house.  I needed something fast so this is what I came up with.  Sweet dreams!

Boys Vintage Room at Christmas

I'm on a roll with my posts today.  Have to get them all in while I have a free moment.  Here's Prince O's room decked out for Christmas. 
Another post to Metamorphis Monday.  Check out all the transformations over there!

Hot Cocoa Bar

Recently I saw this idea on one of my friend's blog.  Forgive me for not remembering which friend!  I even commented on it but for the life of me can't remember who it was.  I did this at my party and it was a huge hit.  Again, excuse the blurry pics.  Several people said they were going to do this Christmas morning.  I think I will too.  The kids love making thier own concoctions.  I found the best way to heat the milk (we prefer milk over water) is in the crockpot.  It will not boil but will keep it very warm.  However, it takes a long time to heat up.  You can put it on low for several hours or you can first heat it in the microwave and then keep it in the crockpot afterwards to keep it warm.  This way, people can make a cup at their leisure. Biscotti is so delicious with hot cocoa and Karen over at Ladybug Creek has a delicious recipe for biscotti which I want to try. The homemade whipped cream is my favorite.  If you've never made fresh whipped cream, here are the directions: 

Place stainless steel or glass bowl, never plastic, and beaters in the freezer for 2 minutes.  Start with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.  Beat until soft peaks form at the end of the beaters.  Add desired amount of confectioners sugar or granulated sugar (I ususally put a heaping tablespoon) and a dash of vanilla.  Beat until stiff peaks form.  Refrigerate. 

Is it over yet?

Bought this little sign at the Dollar Tree of all places!  Had to have it b/c this is what the Dr asks a lot during this season. Last week did not go as planned.  Prince O was very sick.  He was also very clingy so I didn't get hardly anything done.  But thankfully, he's better now and will be well for Christmas.  We had a party Sunday evening so it was all I could do to get the house cleaned and do the party prep.  I managed to take a few more pics of several rooms which I'll try to get posted.  Did not have time for the whole house.  Have to save it for next year.  In fact, I was in such a hurry that many of these pics are blurry.  If anyone sees Santa, would you tell him to send me a new camera?  My Santa is in med school so I don't think he'll be able to swing it this year.  If not, I'll keep using my little Kodak.  I apologize b/c I failed to write down or remember where I found certain ideas.  If you see your creativeness on here, thank you so much for inspiring me.  Feel free to take credit. 

How's this for cuteness?  Prince O made this for me, matches our theme!

Remember my Goodwill finds?  Here are some transformed for Christmas.

Prince A looking sharp and ready for Christmas service.

My chalkboard Christmas graffiti. 

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