Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I'm loving...

I'm back! I could complain about how tired I am from moving, the inconvenience of not having a computer for a week, my a/c going out on the day we moved in and still not fixed, waaah, waah, waah..So how about I just focus on the positive and tell you what I'm loving about the new house...

A special nook in the kitchen for my computer!

Real plantation shutters! The kind that open and close from the middle so the windows can be completely open if you choose.  I've always wanted these but could never afford them.  Hooray for renting!

French doors!

 And a huge backyard!

Now off to unpack more boxes.  This could take a while.  Right in the midst of all of this, we're leaving this weekend for our (pre-scheduled) annual trip home. Looking forward to seeing family and getting away from the moving madness!
So... hello and goodbye.  It'll be a while before I can post again.  Thanks to all of my friends who have not forgotten me!  Hope you're all having a great summer!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Bird Breakfast and a Message from God

A couple of weeks ago, our church hosted a group of college students traveling with a choir. I volunteered to take 4 of the girls even though it was not the greatest of timing for me.  Imagine my shock, when on the way home, I discovered one of my Canada blogging friend's (Cindy from Oakview Cottage whom I've never met in person) niece was in the car with me!  It gave me chills honestly.  To think of all the people in the world, she'd end up at my house.  Ever had a day when you think "God do you even know where I am?"  It was one of those days so I was pretty overwhelmed that God would say, "sure do!"  Had a nice visit with all the girls. The next morning they voted for a simple breakfast.  Had to hurry and meet up with their group so this is what I came up with.  Wish I would've had fancy linens but, oh well the monogrammed paper napkins sufficed.
Thank goodness for fresh hydrangeas from the backyard.  Couldn't have planned them to bloom at a more perfect time.

And thank goodness for Publix bakery!

A little seasonal fresh fruit...

Not shown was cereal, milk and juice bar located in kitchen.  I think the girls enjoyed this quick breakfast.  My boys did. They polished it off when the girls left!
More views of the table.  We normally don't do fancy this early. But it was a special day.

Thank you God for unexpected blessings.

Posting to Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Ok, girls (and guys if you're reading,) we're about to make the journey to move so it'll be a while before I can blog again.  Don't even have internet service at the new house yet.  See ya on the other side of the moving truck!