Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm a slacker...

It's true.  I really am a slacker.  Thanks to all of you dear friends for still commenting and stopping by even though I haven't returned the favor.  Apologies. Noticed I've even lost a few followers in the process. But it's summer and I've been taking a break from it all.  Had a blast on vacation with the kids. Returned back to reality of unpacking and getting settled in.  It's a sloooow process.  Motivation is eluding me.  For any of you who have moved a lot, do you just get sick and tired of your decor?  I've arranged and rearranged the same stuff over and over. Never does it work the same in each house.  I used to enjoy that challenge but am now tired of the shuffling. Determined not to buy anything new while renting.  Holding out.  19 months and counting!  (That's when hubby graduates and we go somewhere more permanent.)  My house still pretty much looks like this...

Well, I do have a dining table sitting there but that's about it.  We're drowning in a sea of beige so here's what I pulled from my inspiration folder. This inspires me to add some new life into my red sofa for the family room.  Going green this time, just a touch of apple green.  Maybe that will wake up my decor senses and I'll get on a roll.

 Courtesy of Houzz, My favorite place for ideas.  Sorry I do not know the specific owner of this picture.  Please come forward if it's yours.  I'd love to see more. 
Will post pics of my completed room some happy day!

I've decided to chill out for two more weeks and just concentrate on my kiddos.  They are growing up and summer is almost gone.  Prince A is entering 7th grade, eekk.. Prince O's going to pre-k.  And of course, the Princess is off to college.  Never have figured out how moms keep up a weekly blog all year long.  I've even considered giving mine up but know when school starts, I'll have some "me" time again.  Until we meet again, happy trails!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Life of Cardboard

Since when did life become cardboard boxes and packing tape?   We're back from our trip home to TX, back to the reality of unpacking in our new place.  We've had a lot of kinks with this house to the point I've questioned staying in it or not.  You know how when you buy a car and everything goes wrong?  Sort of a lemon.  But moving is major.  So I'd prefer to work out the kinks.  Therefore, it's taking me a little longer to unpack.  I'm planning another trip, this time a little vaca with my kiddos.  I like for them to go on at least one adventure in the summer.  They're all voting for theme park.  Did I ever mention how much I hate theme parks?  Especially in this heat.  The things we do for our kids.

After that, I'm hoping to find some good white sand in FL.  A little beach time should help me recuperate.

Wishing you all some R&R in the next few weeks.