Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 Ingredient Halloween/Fall Snack Mix

Need a quick snack mix for a Halloween party or a last minute teacher's gift?  Here's the easiest snack mix ever.  If you like Payday candy bars, you will love this mix.

Just mix equal parts, salted peanuts and candy corn.  I used the autumn candy mix because it looked more festive.  The plain candy corn might be more proportionate with the peanuts.  Use good peanuts.  The cheap variety were very greasy.  
Michael's had a package of cute tags marked down to $1.99.

Our little autumn stickers came from Zazzle.   A great place to get adorable personalized stickers, etc. for a good price.

The little jar is $2 at Wal Mart.  It took 2 cups each of candy and nuts to fill.  

Happy Halloween!  
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