Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Could this be his last Egg Hunt?

My 11 year old informed me he was "getting too old Easter."  What?!  Can't you see the excitement level here in comparison to his 4 year old brother?  He was not impressed with his Easter basket.  Maybe if it would have had a  PS 3 game or an I Tunes gift card.  But Easter is for bunnies, eggs and chocolates.  Why doesn't he appreciate that?  Where did I go wrong??  My baby is growing up : (  
                                                               My handsome sons!

The church Easter Egg Hunt.  Prince O wanted to swing and Prince A would not be caught dead hunting eggs!

                                                                           Silly boy!

 Shhh.. don't tell him I posted this pic.  Prince A is actually enjoying a little egg hunting in privacy at home, of course. (We had a money prize egg, once he found it, he was done!)
He asked me to take this pic.  Went and put on his skinny jeans with shirt and tie. Stylin'!  I told you my baby is growing up!  
Hope everyone had a great Easter and made good memories.  I sure did!