Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Hello again everyone!  I'm having many Woo Hoo moments today. One is I made it through surgery, and woke up! Woo Hoo!  It's been a rough recovery though.  The first day home, without thinking, I twisted to grab a falling water bottle and ripped one of my incisions.  My tummy looks like it's been beat black and blue.  2nd hard lesson in recovery: Do not take pain med on empty stomach. Yes I did and it set off a bout of nausea/dizziness which lasted 2 days.  I quit all meds cold turkey.  Been painful but I'm surviving. 

My other woo hoo moment is--- we finally found a house! God led us to this house.  When we were driving around there a couple of weeks ago,  I noticed a for sale sign and pulled a flyer.  Upon returning home, we called the realtor.  Come to find out, the listing was expiring last Wednesday.  By Thurs. we were striking a deal.  An answer to my prayer of "let me sell my house and find another one before surgery."  Well, isn't God humorous?   Ok, I didn't specify how long before my surgery.  He answered 12 hours before. His time line is not ours anyway.
So here are some pictures.  This will be transformed when decorated.  But you can see the good bones it has.  Need ideas, especially for the kitchen.  Black granite and the oak stained cabinets (think that's oak?) are my least favorite in a kitchen.  
Not liking that little thingy over the sink either.  I mean, who puts those in newer houses any more?  Sorry if you have one, I just don't like my window blocked.  The crazy thing is, we've never been inside this house!  Has anyone ever done this?  We based our decision on the market, the area, the realtor's opinion, and the pics.  So send me your suggestions and remember a rental means no major changes.  Probably not even paint if the doc has anything to do with it. 
Oh boy, now the packing starts.  It'll be a slow process so my blogging will be limited.  My  next Woo Hoo moment will be when I'm unpacked in the new house.
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