Friday, January 29, 2010

Frugalicious Friday

Time for Frugalicious Friday over at Finding Fabulous and I get to post something there today! Yesterday while browsing around in Target,  I noticed a lot of people looking in the bedding department and for good reason!  Seems they just marked a lot of items down to 75% off!  My eyes and heart did a double take when I saw the tag on the "love bird pillows" I've been eying for quite a while.  They were originally 24.99 marked down to 6.24!  Oh happy day!  Bought the two left on the shelf.  Don't know if it'll be overkill to put both of them on my bed but I figured grab them while I can, return later if necessary.
I love the pattern on the back of them too, great flip flop for the winter-fall season.

Then I found even more bargains.  
This quilt and sham for Prince O's bed @ 7.49

Queen sheets $6 and King sheets $10 and $18, (The O'Brien sheets were originally $75.)  Everyone in my house got new sheets!
Don't you just love these colors?  Makes me ready for Spring!

Yay for Tar-jay!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Blue Romantic Eye Candy

On to the next color of the rainbow in my color challenge.  I was overwhelmed by the response to pink, thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Met so many nice friends! It was my first Pink Saturday and thinking I might just have to do that again.  I'm already looking around for pink stuff in my house.  But on with my candy here.  Blue. Something new, something borrowed, something blue.  The most soothing and relaxing color I know, so romantic.  Oh the blue places we could go and the blue rooms we could have!  (Thanks to the photographers/artists/owners of these blue beauties.) I'm half way done, two more colors to follow.  But today it's True Love = True Blue  Happy Blue Heart Day!  xxoo tAmMy

Flowers, candy and edibles

Gifts to receive, things to admire-

 Things to wear...

 Places to go....

Ways to get there...

Around the house...

(sigh) many shades of blue...What's your favorite shade?