Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Letters

This is one of the most romantic gifts my hubby ever gave me.  And it wasn't even for Valentine's.  It's a beautiful anthology of love letters written by famous authors of the past.  Each page is full of passionate literature and gorgeous art.  The real beauty is copies of the original letters( in authentic handwriting) folded inside of an envelope- attached to the pages of the book. I heart this book! I keep it on my bedside table.  It's pretty to look at.  (Posting to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound. )
 What could be sweeter than these poetic letters?  A little love letter from my 4 year old prince, of course!
I know the heart is glued upside down and the message is quite messy, but it's priceless to me!

And today, my house looks like a florist! A Valentine's church fundraiser so the flowers were delivered to me, all 300 of them!  Carnations are not my favorite flower but after seeing these today, maybe so.  We're going to wrap each stem in tissue and tie with a bow.  Right now they're soaking in water, hopefully opening up before Sunday.  For those interested, these were ordered online from Sam's for $149.  A good deal, however, there were a few damaged. 

Dream Big, Dream in Red

It's the end of my color challenge.  I've had so much fun living my life vicariously through beautiful photography. Earth to Tammy.  Ok, I'll start creating my own dreams, maybe.  But don't wake me yet. Today, I'm dreaming in red for V-Day.  Enjoy the romantic journey!  
(Thanks to all the lucky owners and talented photographers of these images.)  Posting to Brambleberry Cottage~ 14 days of love.  Today is "the perfect gift" and the 13th is "romantic escapes". I'm really not this materialistic girls.;) A girl's gotta dream right??

Places to go, things to do...
Ways to get there...


Sweet Valentine dreams my friends!  xxoo tAmMy