Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Savannah, The hotel part 2

Today I'm posting pics of our hotel suite just for the decor. Since this is not the decor  I have at home, it was a real treat!  To me, this was not the typical hotel look.  I could see this being in a home, like a city loft or a modern bungalow.  I loved it!  Since I also pay attention to details, my camera captured more of those than the big picture.  Loved every single texture and color.

A nice splash of bright green to rejuvenate the weary after a long day of walking downtown...
Ok, are you digging the pattern on the wallpaper?  I sure did!  I had to walk up and feel of it to make sure it was wallpaper.  Never did see the seams.
More green and patterns:

Love the little lamp!

Cool mirror over the bar area-

The cabinetry was cherry and had the long stainless handles.  So vogue!

Even going green on the coffee!

Check out these awesome white leather chairs at the table-

And the desk chair is divine- swivel and white leather-

One more detail I had to get in was the silver faux animal skin ottoman.  A surprise element in the room.  Just got closeups b/c I was taken back with the texture-

The sofa made out into a queen bed so all of the above is in the main room.  The bedroom and the main room shared an L shaped bath.  Great layout.  You could enter the bath from either room. More of the cherry cabinetry.  Look at the stainless bar for towels. 

And the shower was a great stand alone with a beveled glass look.  Never seen anything like this in a hotel either. (We don't get out much!)

Then of course, the bedroom.  The first thing I always look at when entering a hotel room is the bed, inside and out.  I'm a stickler for cleanliness.  What could be more clean, crisp and inviting than a solid white duvet with lots of pillows?
Found some more interesting texture.  This time on the wallpaper behind the bed.  Faux animal skin again.  Love it!

The headboard made to look "custom" with wood and leather.

 Even the window treatments looked custom with lots of detail.

I would like a lamp like this one. 

Ok, there you have it.  The doctor has permission to take me back to this place any time!