Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is my best...

While taking photos of my new great room, I remembered a couple of antique books on the mantle.  One is titled "This is My Best." Well, this is my best at using what I already had to decorate with for the great room in our new rental home aka "the borrowed home." So here goes..

Remember how I wanted to add a little green to jazz it up?  Brainstorm...why not use my patio pillows?  Brownsfield (my last house) had a covered porch.  This house doesn't.  I know these pillows are made for outdoors but this is South GA and the moisture is high so why not use them indoors?  I love the patterns.  Purchased on Ebay. 

Here is a before...

Here is the after....

All in the details and I'm still working out the details..

The only new item in here is the red clock by the media credenza. (I promise these vases of branches look much better in real life.) Somehow I couldn't get a good close up pic of the clock.  Red is tricky. Looking for one more new item, a green throw for the chair.

Remember Mr & Mrs W?  They have a new view

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