Tuesday, April 20, 2010

River Street

Another favorite place to go in downtown Savannah is River Street.  Shops and restaurants on one side, water on the other and old brick road in between. Charming.


But, let me tell ya something girlfriend...No trip to Riverstreet is complete without a stop at the Savannah Candy Kitchen.  yum!
When you walk in the door, free samples of pecan pralines are offered.  That will cure your sweet tooth, but will leave you salivating for all things sugary and sweet which are displayed in abundance throughout the shop.  You can watch them make all sorts of candy, including taffy with all the machinery.
One of their specialties are caramel/candied apples of every kind-

Yes, they taste as good as they look.  They also have an ice cream bar with the creamiest ice cream ever.  That's the dr's favorite.  

But my favorite are these-
Those are pecans.  On top are dips of caramel then chocolate. They'll break these off into candy pieces. I can't even compare these to turtles b/c they are far more divine than that. 
I bought some to savor while we strolled by the river but needless to say, devoured them before I got 10 ft from the exit.  

Talking about a kid in a candy store! This makes me go woo hoo! so I'm posting to Woo Hoo Wednesday over at Always Nesting. Thanks for the party Marla!