Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage Find and the Unknown

Found this little pillow from, where else? Goodwill.  It's vintage and I love the pattern of the fabric.  Wish I could find an entire bolt somewhere.  In fact, it is inspiring me to redo my living room again.  

But...on a more serious note, the Borrowed House.  Oh the woes of the Borrowed House.  You may remember the a/c problems, etc we had.  Well, we're 5 months into the lease and still having major issues.  Repairmen have been out no less than 11 times.  Yes, that averages 2x per month.  I've been smelling mildew for about 2 weeks so I started cleaning with bleach, sniffing around but could never locate the source. Bingo, our a/c quits again. Some of you may be wondering why I need a/c in Oct.  Southern GA.  Temp inside is 81.  Actually cooler outside than inside this a.m. Repairman says there's terrible build up in the drain, even on the insulation.  Eeek!  So glad I do not own this house!  We have to give 3 months notice to get out of the lease. Let's just say the landlord has been less than accommodating with all of this.  Nothing to do but move. However, when you're on a med school budget, you do not attempt paying double rent.  Prayers please. 
My blog just turned a year old! I've been playing around with the layout to give this baby a spruce up but stopped in the midst of my drama. It occurred to me that I'm sort of at a blank spot in life anyway. Simplicity is what I crave.  
A blog b-day giveaway is all ready to go and will be posted asap. So check back!  In the meantime, my blogging may get sporadic all things considered. 
"All things work together for good!"