Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby Pink

This little dress belonged to me as a baby. That makes it over 40+ years old!  I love smocking and have dressed all of my children in smocked outfits, even my boys. Smocking is timeless. I keep these little sentimentals in my curio cabinet.  The rosette headband belonged to Princess.  Headbands were just coming into vogue then (19 years ago) and I took a lot of criticism from people for "putting that tight thing on my baby's head" or "it looks like a helicopter."  She survived and turned out to be a very intelligent young lady.  However, there are days when I wonder if maybe it did cut off some circulation to the brain.  (Just kidding!  She's a good girl.)  The little boy blue plate was a thrift store find but looks so much like my youngest. (He's the one with the attitude.) There's nothing softer than a pink baby dress. Almost makes me want another baby.  Speaking of which, if you like to read good birth stories, head over to Design Mom.  The best I've ever read in my entire life is the story of Nella Cordelia.  (You'll need a box of tissues.)  Have you hugged your child today?

Posting to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound.  

Love the little details...
Looks like it was made in the Philippines...
A little tattered and torn by now, but still a classic...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Taste of Spring

Yesterday was winter, today is spring.  Well, not really.  But I've got a taste of spring and it was free!  Don't you love freebies?  For the past two weeks, my neighborhood grocery store, Food Lion, has offered me free flowers upon check out.  I guess b/c of the expiration date.  I thought flowers were good until they died.  Oh well, yes a  1000x's yes, I'll take them.  Pulled a couple of strays and they still look good. Just added a 2nd boquet yesterday.(not pictured)  I'll be sure to buy groceries once a week whether I need them or not.  A boquet of springtime wishes to you!

These inspire me so I'm posting to the Inspired Room .  Love all the inspiration over there!  And of course, it was a Frugalicious Find so I'm posting to Finding Fabulous!  Love bargains!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Snow Day

I realize by now everyone is ready for Spring and you probably don't want to see more snow pictures.  But... you must understand the significance of snow for us here in the south.  It's so rare!  Our family had such fun playing in it last week.  This post is for my family and all the wonderful memories we made.
When it started snowing everyone was gone but me.  I was squealing and running through the house.  A person can only squeal to one's self for so long.  They finally arrived home at dark.  We didn't care that it was freezing and the neighbors were all snuggled in their houses.  We hooped and hollered (another Southern thang) until 10 p.m. 

Snowball fights!

The next morning we awoke to a winter wonderland...

Yours truly had to make a snow angel!  Haven't done that since childhood!  Brrr.. it was cold laying there! 
I loved how the pine branches were heavy with snow!  You can see it starting to melt.  We don't get it often and can't keep it for long!

And here was God's Valentine's gift to us...

Happy Memories!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Letters

This is one of the most romantic gifts my hubby ever gave me.  And it wasn't even for Valentine's.  It's a beautiful anthology of love letters written by famous authors of the past.  Each page is full of passionate literature and gorgeous art.  The real beauty is copies of the original letters( in authentic handwriting) folded inside of an envelope- attached to the pages of the book. I heart this book! I keep it on my bedside table.  It's pretty to look at.  (Posting to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound. )
 What could be sweeter than these poetic letters?  A little love letter from my 4 year old prince, of course!
I know the heart is glued upside down and the message is quite messy, but it's priceless to me!

And today, my house looks like a florist! A Valentine's church fundraiser so the flowers were delivered to me, all 300 of them!  Carnations are not my favorite flower but after seeing these today, maybe so.  We're going to wrap each stem in tissue and tie with a bow.  Right now they're soaking in water, hopefully opening up before Sunday.  For those interested, these were ordered online from Sam's for $149.  A good deal, however, there were a few damaged.