Monday, April 12, 2010

Savannah, The Hotel part 1

This past Saturday was my birthday and next Sunday is our anniversary.  My sweet husband planned a whole weekend getaway to our favorite romantic spot, Savannah, GA.  Grateful to our friends who came and picked up our boys.  We NEVER get to go anywhere alone.  Then my childhood best friend and her husband flew in from TX just for my birthday.  I felt really special!  I'll be posting some pics over the next few days of our trip. The first part is our hotel.  Embassy Suites, a new one in the airport area.  We were so impressed.  Very sleek and contemporary decor.  I could not stop taking pictures! Loved it but am wondering if I could ever live with such a minimal look since I love my "things."

Walking into our hotel.  It was gorgeous!

The lobby-
Seating areas in lobby-

Water feature was beautiful with detailed tile work and colored lights-

Elevetor area-
Love the red chest-

View from our balcony-

To be continued...