Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's just a season...

Just as seasons change in nature, seasons change in life. My chalkboard inspiration- "To everything there is a season.."    Reminding myself of this Proverb.  I'm in a season and seasons don't last forever.   Grateful for all the seasons in life.
I'm even feeling a change of season with my blogging.  Next month my blog turns a year old!  We'll celebrate with a giveaway.  More about that later.
Speaking of seasons...AuTumN is here!  Scattering a little fall around the Borrowed House kitchen. Remember my orange toned cabinets and back splash?  I'm embracing the color as an accent to blacks and creams. Not a bad combo I tell ya. 
If you can't beat it, join it.   

Touches of fall and vignettes...

Love using my zebra rug here.  It was just the right length to go in front of my working area.

And the above picture is a sneak peek of more to come.  Can't wait to show you my bargains.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Greetings

Today is fall (at least that's what the calendar says) and I have no camera!  That's right, my camera died.  Guess I'll be shopping for a new one.  I need cheap.  Any suggestions?  I was all ready to show some autumn in The Borrowed House.  It'll have to wait.
(above photo courtesy of
This past weekend, we took a road trip to a little town called Thomasville.  It's where my hubby is doing one of his rotations.  He told me I'd love the town. He was right. Just adored it. Downtown is quite historic. My favorite were the homes. Here are glimpses from someone else's camera. 
  Let's go inside this one.   Beautiful staircase-

Love the door..
Nice columns...

I'd have to chop down those two trees covering the columns but I could certainly sit a spell here....

Inside -this staircase is so pretty and what a unique landing....
Closer up under the wainscoating looks like painted graphics or wallpaper?  Either one, it's beautiful.
Room for improvement here but look at the great bones.  Bead board and fab doors (sigh)...

Nice dining with plenty of windows. The hutch is driving me crazy.  Needs a buffet there...(easy to pick things a part when I don't live there.  My jealousy is showing. Forgive me.)

My hubby is now required to take me back to this quaint little place.  I want to stroll the streets and shop downtown.  Can't wait!
This is my idea of a delightful fall day!
(photos can be found here)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He leadeth me...


HE leadeth me in the paths of RigHetOuSnEss for 
His name sake...

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a women's conference.  The words of a particular speaker really blessed me.  She said, "Sometimes when you're on a journey, God will make a deviation in your path. Go outside and look down the street.  You can only see so far.  You can't see the bends, curves and hills beyond.  And that's how our lives are.  We don't see everything on our path but God does.  He sees things we don't so He causes us to take another path.  Don't fight it.  It's God's plan for your life."  That really spoke to my heart. The path I'm on would not have been one of my choosing. But what do I know? I can't see the bends and hills. Grateful that we can trust His leading.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is my best...

While taking photos of my new great room, I remembered a couple of antique books on the mantle.  One is titled "This is My Best." Well, this is my best at using what I already had to decorate with for the great room in our new rental home aka "the borrowed home." So here goes..

Remember how I wanted to add a little green to jazz it up?  Brainstorm...why not use my patio pillows?  Brownsfield (my last house) had a covered porch.  This house doesn't.  I know these pillows are made for outdoors but this is South GA and the moisture is high so why not use them indoors?  I love the patterns.  Purchased on Ebay. 

Here is a before...

Here is the after....

All in the details and I'm still working out the details..

The only new item in here is the red clock by the media credenza. (I promise these vases of branches look much better in real life.) Somehow I couldn't get a good close up pic of the clock.  Red is tricky. Looking for one more new item, a green throw for the chair.

Remember Mr & Mrs W?  They have a new view

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come and visit again!