Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's just a season...

Just as seasons change in nature, seasons change in life. My chalkboard inspiration- "To everything there is a season.."    Reminding myself of this Proverb.  I'm in a season and seasons don't last forever.   Grateful for all the seasons in life.
I'm even feeling a change of season with my blogging.  Next month my blog turns a year old!  We'll celebrate with a giveaway.  More about that later.
Speaking of seasons...AuTumN is here!  Scattering a little fall around the Borrowed House kitchen. Remember my orange toned cabinets and back splash?  I'm embracing the color as an accent to blacks and creams. Not a bad combo I tell ya. 
If you can't beat it, join it.   

Touches of fall and vignettes...

Love using my zebra rug here.  It was just the right length to go in front of my working area.

And the above picture is a sneak peek of more to come.  Can't wait to show you my bargains.