Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Christmas Portraits

It is really a rare thing for us to have family portraits made.  But my mom's one Christmas gift request this year is a family picture of us. I never know what to buy her so this seemed like a win win for me.  While everyone was off on the Thanksgiving Holidays (thankfully before I became ill,) we cheerfully  loaded up and headed to the nearest portrait studio in our matching cream sweaters. Cute huh? The dr said to take his back after the pictures were made and didn't even take the tag off! He's not a sweater guy. What a chore to find plain matching sweaters!  5 of us shopping in 5 different departments.  Guess that's what happens when you have kids decades apart.  I thought we'd have casual and dressy poses but after the sweater treasure hunt, decided to reserve the dressy outfits for the kids. Proofs are shown right on the spot now.  Quite different than when I was growing up and we anxiously waited for weeks to see them.   We  I wanted to buy all of them at the time, and bought more than we  I should have.  Then when we got them home, Princess M and I were like, "what were we thinking?"  We have picked ourselves apart in every picture.  Of course, the guys could care less.  And while we were choosing poses, hubby and I never chose the same ones.  Anyway, I know one person who will be very happy, my mom.  And come to think of it,  I'm really happy about all of my kids' pictures! In fact,  I love them!  I guess that's how moms are. We see no flaws in our children.  They are beautiful.  Merry Christmas to all of you moms!  
Tammy and family