Sunday, December 6, 2009

A little holiday tradition...

I love anything Ralph Lauren.  Love all of his equestrian, masculine and cottage styles. So sometimes I browse the RL catalog to get inspiration.  I saw this little dog nutcracker that made my heart skip a few beats - when I saw the price tag, $150!  Then I remembered the little squirrel nutcracker I bought this fall at GW.  $2.52 (Is my GW the only one that puts a number at the end of the price tag with the same as the first?)  Of course, I like the dog better but my little squirrel is cute too.  Whatcha think?
 My mom always put out mixed nuts during the holidays. Dad and I would sit around cracking them and eating them in silence.  Sort of a "bonding time" thing.  Fond memories.  Now I like to put them out at my house and my kids love to crack them too.  A little holiday tradition.