Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude

Today is the first Gratitude party over at Heart and Home!  There are so many wonderful parties around on blogland. It's impossible to participate in all of them, all the time, even though I'd love to.  But when I saw this one on gratitude, I wanted to jump right in. I have so much to be thankful for. Right at the top of the list are these people.  The ones who really know me inside and out.  Love me, argue with me, laugh with me, cry with me, play with me, pray with me, eat with me, sleep with me, talk with me, disagree with me, clean with me, cook with me, ride with me, joke with me, need me, kiss me, hug me, get tired of me, put up with me and still love me.  My heart is full because of
my family!


vignette design said...

What a lovely family. I was just thinking, it is nice to just reflect about how much we have to be thankful for. -Delores

Kelee said...

Hi Tammy!

And what a BEAUTIFUL family!

You are lucky and blessed.

Thanks for sharing in the party!

love, kelee at

Heidi said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm so happy that you chose to join in the party here at Heart and Home. You have a lovely family, and if the part about them "clean(ing) with you" is true, well then you really are lucky!! It's nice to remember all our blessings.
I'm so glad I got to meet you today, and hope you'll be back for many more visits in the future.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Robin said...

Beautiful family. I'm a sucker for redheads and ♥ your daughter's hair!! 2009 was very tough for our family, but if it taught me anything, it was to be grateful for family and the simpler things in life. You are blessed!

Karen said...

Nice! So very nice!
Ladybug Creek

Weeble's Wobble said...

I love love loved this post!! And makes me want to appreciate my family just a little bit more!

Sonia said...

Beautiful family!! How blessed indeed you are! Wonderful post!

Miss Bloomers

Anita said...

Being blessed with a family is truly something to be grateful for! :)

Love th photo. May have to steal the beige sweater idea. :)

newmumover40 said...