Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Brownsfield Dining Room

A little masculine flair to the dining room.  The carvings on this buffet table are gorgeous.  It's not an antique, just a replica. 
My new curtains which I made myself!  Well, actually it's just two panels sewn together with added trim.  That's about as much sewing as I'm capable of!  I wanted a really long window treatment to accentuate the arch.  In my previous house, I had custom made window treatments which cost around $1200.  These- less than $200!  Not nearly as nice of course, but they look good don't ya think?  Below is my antique hutch which I will never part with.  It's actually an English dresser.  They used to "dress" their food on these.
Pumpkin and candy corns for fall!

A fall wreath to add a little holiday warmth.

These are part of my crystal collection.
Antique cake plates.  I love cake plates!

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